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Kroplówki witaminoweVitamin drip – healthy  boost for your every body cell. Until now it was just for Hollywood celebrities and models. As of now on it is available here, easy to reach. This is the safest and the most effective way to detox, regenerate, refresh from within. In our Clinic after the consultation with a GP and blood tests they are delivered by  a qualified medical nurse. They are a helpful before e.g. 10k run or after stressful/exhausive period. Ideally would be to great to add it to a healthy and balanced diet. But while we don’t not always get and eat freshly prepared, full of nutrients meals, we can easily  aid 30 minutes drip full of vitamins B, C, macro- and microelements straight to your blood stream. This way you can fight against Day After Syndrome, revitalise your skin, act antiagingly, improve your performance in sports etc. Talk to us, we are happy to help.