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Lip Enhancement

Full and plump lips are one of the most noticeable assets of a woman, they don’t only attribute to our looks, but also our self-confidence. With age, lips become less supple, and lose their natural plump and gloss. With aging, their shape and size changes visibly.

An ideal solution for patients who wish to enhance the shape and contour of the lips, expand their size, or simply condition them, are hyaluronic acid injections. As a natural substance which occurs in our bodies, it is responsible for binding water and keeping it in the proper tissues, so that the skin is optimally moisturized.

Using hyaluronic acid is safe, and doesn’t instigate side effects. The prodecure doesn’t require any specific preparation. After, the patient might experience mild swelling around the injected area. The results are visible for several months depending on the person.

The lip enlargement available in our clinic is a professional procedure performed using the highest quality product and under the supervision of qualified specialists. This way you can be sure that the treatment will be carried out with emphesis on safety and the highest quality. Enlarging the lips with hyaluronic acid not only allows them to achieve their full and tempting shape, it is thanks to this treatment that we can tighten the lips, correct the symmetry, remove the signs of aging appearing around the mouth, such as frowning corners or wrinkles. In addition, after the treatments, the lips are brighter in color, and moisture.
The lip enlargement procedure involves precise injections of the hyaluronic acid filler gel in the pre-selected points by the physician. Before the procedure, we also use numbing cream so the treatment does not cause discomfort.